Hot Tub Rules

We hope you’ll enjoy using our indoor hot tub. We want to make sure it is as safe as possible for everyone, so we ask all guests to ensure that the following guidelines are respected. These guidelines are designed to meet health and safety regulations, so please ensure that all members of your party have read the rules regarding the use of the hot tub.

1/ The hot tub is available to you entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any accidents however caused.

2/ No running near & no jumping into the hot tub

3/ Hot Tub hours are strictly from 8 am hrs to 10 pm hrs.

4/ No under 16’s are allowed in the tub without adult supervision. Babies and toddlers may not use the hot tub. Children under 10 must not use the hot tub. Children can overheat; please seek medical advice if this occurs.

5/ Please put Hot Tub cover back in place after use, it helps keep it warm and clean.

6/ Please, no glass or crockery of any kind anywhere near the Hot Tub. Eating food in the hot tub is not allowed. You may use the plastic glasses provided for the spa area.

7/ Shower before using the hot tub. Do not use the to the tub if wearing false tan or lotions. This is vital to ensure a clean and healthy hot tub. If this rule is abused the hot tub may need to be closed for several days so that the water can be thoroughly refreshed. We will charge £200 if this is required.

8/ Swimwear must be worn.

9/ Please do not use the white bath towels provided in the bathrooms for the hot tub. We recommend your guests should bring an extra towel for the hot tub.

11/ We will maintain the hot tub during your stay.

12/ The hot tub is a complimentary extra we do not offer refunds if the hot tub is not available during your stay.

13/ Do not bring in any electrical equipment (including phones) into the hot tub area where you could be in contact with water. Do not bring in speakers or music systems to the hot tub area.

14/ Please do not over-occupy (8 people) the hot tub as this will lead to water spillage and will cause the hot tub to stop working. This is because the filter needs to be covered with water to work. If the water level drops below you must top it up using the yellow hosepipe. 

15/ Please keep noise levels to an acceptable level. A hot tub is a place of peace and relaxation.

16/ It is safer and more enjoyable to use the hot tub with another person. We advise against using the hot tub alone without a member of your group knowing of your whereabouts. Please don’t use the hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol.

17/ On leaving the hot tub please switch off all jets (no bubbles) and lights and make sure that the hot tub is set to AUTO and sealed with the cover provided.

18/ Please note you must not use the hot tub if you are suffering from a skin condition, infectious disease or you have an open wound or sore that cannot be covered by a waterproof plaster.

19/ Certain medical conditions can be affected by the hot tub, particularly those involving extremes of temperature. You are advised to consult your doctor if you are pregnant, or suffer from any of the following: heart disease; circulatory problems; skin conditions; high or low blood pressure; diabetes; or any other condition that affects your body’s ability to react to heat.

20/ Please remove the float before entering the hot tub and return after use.  

21/ H&S recommendation sates you should not use the hot tub for more than 15 min sessions we highly recommend you follow this advice. 

22/ We have CCTV covering all outdoor areas and also the Hot Tub for health, safety, security and insurance reasons as stated on our T&C’s. These images are automatically destroyed after 7 days and are only viewed by the female owner of the house. If you wish to view the images of your stay please ask via email. In the event of an accident, security, safety or breach of the T&C we may use the images as evidence. The CCTV had a noise level indicator. 

23/ If anyone does not adhere to these rules we reserve the right to disallow use.

24/19. Do not unplug the hot tub or turn off. The tub takes 24 hours to reheat if turned off.






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