Giving Back

Our guests whether they are brides to be, hen party, a girls weekend, milestone birthday or a family stay book Norfolk House because they are looking to create memories in the unique and luxury surroundings of the Yorkshire Mansion House. Our brand is all about bringing women together to celebrate, with this is mind we are conscious that while our guests enjoy their last days of single life, sharing time with family and friends, there are women and children who are suffering abuse and violence at the hands of a partner. We wanted The Scarlet Hen to start our campaign GIVE BACK with a aim to provide help for people in our local community. We pledge that for every booking at Norfolk House we would donate £10 to Huddersfield’s Pennine Domestic Violence Group as a key provider of domestic abuse support services in Kirklees. They believe (and so do we of course) that everyone has the right to live free from all forms of abuse and have the right to be free from potential or actual harm.

Why not help us raise much need funds by donating too? If you are staying at Norfolk House (or not) and you would like to donate personally click here.  Please tell them you are a guest at Norfolk House so they can log our donations and we get brownie points!! Many thanks in advance for any contributions how ever small xx